Hi everyone! I’m Shinekuku, and I’m developing a third person porn shooter. I want to share the current demo version of my game here! Enjoy the build!​

Thread Updated: 2022-01-12
Release Date: 2021-12-04
Developer: Shinekuku Patreon – F95zone
Censored: No
Version: 0.5b Maximum
OS: Windows
Language: English
System requirements for guaranteed comfortable gameplay in open-world map is:
GPU: GTX 1060 6GB, CPU: i5-3470, RAM: 8GB

3d, Action, Shooter, Female Protagonist, Monsters, Rape, All sex, Gangbang

Extract the archive and run TooMuchLight.exe.

v0.5b Preview
•Added cumflation system and new animations.
•Added underground level boss.
•Bug fixes, improvements.
v0.5a Maximum
•Dev console. If you find any bug, have the troubles with game balance, you can use console command, just press “~” and type “help”.
•New functional save system with save slots. You can save your game progress before any action and can not worry about losing your game progress, this save system friendly with future game versions. You can quick save the game “F5” and quick load “F9”.
•Survival exp system. Now the girl can take exp from killed monsters, completed quests and up her survival level. Every level you will get a skillpoint and unlock some perks for Caroline by pressing “K”.
•Quest journal and completely reworked quest system. Now you can track any quest, watch current active quests and read the quest lore. Quest marker will show you where the current quest target and distance to it. You can open quest journal by pressing “J”.
•Difficulty levels. Now you select one of three defficulty levels: Raider, Survivor, Fashion model.
•Heels system. Now the girl height, foot pose and sounds will depend on her current equipped shoes.
•Clothes customization system. Now you can customize your equipped clothes by clicking on palette sign under the cloth thumbnail on equipped cloth panel from customization menu. Any color, gloss opacity, cloth style etc.
•New dialogue system. Now you can select some dialogue branches and obtain extra money, lust, information, reputation etc. Your choice will affect the gameplay.
•Fixed the most serious bugs that fa-cup the game.
And some more things.

v0.4b Preview
-Completely reworked struggle system and QTE
-Added voice acting
-Some new customization
-Added girl voice volume slider to settings menu.
-Added bear trap system
-Completed default zombie face fuck animation
-Completed zombie strong full nelson animation
-Added ass gape shape for girl
-Added anal and vaginal materials + textures for girl
-Completed nsfw audio system (3D sound from girl’s mouth and body for trigger spatial sound of moanings and other sound like ass slap etc)
-Added procedural gape, bulge, belly inflation system
-Added cum from holes animation for girl.
-Added cumshot animation for anyone with dick. *Not fluid simulation for now.

v0.4a Maximum

Unlocked Adriano Insane Story quest with Vintage outfit
Unlocked new H scene
Fixed some bugs (Detective event, etc)
v0.4a Preview

-Increased graphics quality
-Shotgun reworked and more comfortable
-Setting menu completely reworked
-Added reloading interruption for fast weapon switch.
-New Hitmarker
-New graphics parameter – Sharpness
-Added hints to settings menu
-Added new weapon: AK74M.
-Enemies limbs now take weapon damage instead fixed hit points.
-Camera no more view through wall and works correctly
-New custom keybinding system
-Clothes with breasts size support
-Breasts size customization
-Added color picking system for customization customizable things. -Added new hair shader (with High performance cost)
-Added “Enable Shinekuku HairWorks” (New hair shader) option to settings menu
-“Enable Hair Optimization” option returned to settings menu
-Added “Camera Offset X” option to setting menu -Fixed some clothes.
-Added close up view for shop items
-Added “Take All” function to lootable objects.
-Added 3 new Twintail pictures to shooting range.
-Fixed ammo stealing from shooting range
-Fixed a bug when moving to another level, the zombies were not destroyed and were still in chasing
Known bugs
Vampire shoes tongue pink material (Fixed)
•Vampire suit bottom area clipping with girl body
•Weirds monsters balance
Save system doesn’t save some items (Fixed)
•Monsters don’t let the girl get up and grab her right away
Girl can look toward camera in the H scenes (Fixed)
•Multiple monsters can run H animations the same time
Zombie strong full nelson animation ignores some girl clothes (Fixed)
•H scene desync with zombie and girl while girl trapped by bear trap
•Girl fall through map sometimes after grabbed by zombie
UI bugs with processing (reload, healing) after H scene (Fixed)
•The girl gets stuck at the edges of some colliders
•Vampire suit in the H model version has clipping with girl body
Bug after mini-game in slot machine when you stuck (Fixed)
•Zombie can rise without head