Yuna is a Third-Person Action RPG Shooter with a focus on gameplay and dynamic action.

Thread Updated: 2022-06-23
Release Date: 2022-06-23
Developer: Alex Horn Patreon
Censored: No
Version: Tech Demo
OS: Windows
Language: English

3D, Action, RPG, Female Protagonist, Humor, Masturbation, Lesbian, Rape, Sci-fi, Shooter, Masturbation

1. Extract and run.

Added – +4.2gb to download
Removed – side-scroller POV
Added – third-person POV
Removed – Arena Mode
Added – New Story Mode
Added – Marcus Quest Line
Removed – Shop
Removed – HUD (everything u need located on MC)
Removed – all previous scenes
Added – 3 new H-scenes
*Added – 1 GOR and 2 story line scenes.
Added – collectible Pin Ups (Curently 2)
Removed – literally every location
*Added – whole new locations
*Added – Long Hallway
*Added – Passage
*Added – Abandoned Werehouse
*Added – Swampy Woods

Removed – Retriary
Removed – Infernal
Removed – Lucian

Removed – Nicole
*Added – Sofia
*Added – and Marcus instead

*Added – Zombie
*Added – Drowner
Added – new items
*Added – Inhalator (restores energy)
*Added – Lust Mushroom
*Added – Air Capsule
*Added – Bullets (you can pick up bullets of any kind to load them inside of not fully charged mag)

Reworked – Dialog System (UI sux I know)
Reworked/Revamped – Simb (now takes crit dmg on heart instead of head)
Reworked/Revamped – Tentacle (now can’t move)
Reworked – Mantis blade (Has 4 charges, restores 4 charges with 1 consumable )
Reworked – Aim system (Now allows aiming in all 3 dimentions !!!)
Reworked – Movement system (Same as aiming, and now u can prevent them from flanking you)
Reworked – Inventory system (UI still sux thou)
Reworked – Gun system (reloading as well, now you drop magz with unused bullets so you can pick them up)

Remade – all animations from scratch (The old ones didn’t survived invasion, current animations will be revamped)
Remade – Option menu (Now must save everything properly)
Remade – Save system (Saving on checkpoint by pressing E, must save everything but doesn’t saves exp to lvl up progres)

SPOILER: [S]1.0.99A[/S]
New eyes shader
New skin shader
New hair shader
Returned – Body customization.
More options for customization. (above all: public hair and the huge 0 breasts size)
(Customization affects only H-Scene model, as it’s new and not implemented for battle action, for now)

New Simb model
New Retriary model

New enemy Tentacle
Bomber will now spawn tentacles

Added NPC Nicole
The system of dialogues is indicative (It’s simple, just for demonstration)
Moved Armor shop – now at NPC Nicole
Added scene with Nicole

Added H-Attacks(MC must be naked, enemies can brake your armor):

2 poses for Simbs
2 poses for Retriaries
2 poses for Tentacles
Primitive ejaculation effect

Added new location (non-battle rest area)
Added Judy’s bedroom (with Customization menu and Wardrobe)
Added shower scene

Reworked Mantis blade attack (Now cleaves, can kill up to 3 enemies with one hit)

Simbs now react to hits
Retriary charge can be interrupted with a shotgun.

Balance adjusted.
Fixed some bugs.
Minor arena landscape changes.

And some other things that I may have forgotten.

Game intended to be hardcore, but the difficulty is lowered as there is no rewards for it now.

Developer’s Notes:

War never changes, but it changed my game.
I’ve been testing this build for awhile, so I hope you don’t find any softlocking issues.

Also I’ll be working on improvement of every aspect of the game, as I’m doing it alone in between my work and sleep time (instead of the sleep in most cases). I can’t do everything at once.