You will be playing the main character James, whose older brother owns a BnB.
James was forced to take over the management of the BnB since his brother mysteriously disappeared.
Besides searching for his brother through various clues, as a deputy manager, James also has to assist the beautiful tenants of the BnB, satisfy them and help them achieve their goals…
Through the development of the plot in the game, you will gradually cultivate feelings and trust with female tenants, and gradually develop a deeper and intimate romantic relationship, but the crisis behind will also emerge gradually…​

Thread Updated: 2022-03-08
Release Date: 2022-03-05
Developer: Aurora Games Patreon – Steam
Censored: No
Version: 8318119
OS: Windows
Language: English
Other Games: Together

3D Game, Male protagonist, Adventure, Fantasy, Simulation, Dating sim, Pov, Rpg

1. Extract and run.

Bug fix:

Corrected and improved the physics system when cooking.
Modify the Gas stove model size to avoid collisions.
Fixed some information not being displayed when ingredients are in pots.
Fixed the bug of entering cooking mode when holding a gun.
Corrected how knives and seasonings are projected.
Fixed a bug where food could not be delivered on the trolley.
Fixed Isabelle’s shop UI in the upper right corner.
Fixed liquid errors on plates and pot.
Fixed out of focus after borsch task.
Fixed a bug where Emily’s Borscht task could be completed by inviting other NPC.
Fixed the dialogue after inviting NPCs to dinner.
Fixed untranslated text in the plot.
Fixed UI text.
Fixed the position of the car after using teleport.
Fixed a bug where pressing Esc when the instruction manual was displayed after acquiring the pistol.
Fixed pressing “No” not working during basketball instructions.
Fixed the error caused by pressing the space key when calling and texting mode.
Fixed wrong text.
Fixed some bugs after SMS mode.
Fixed the display effect of task props in the scene.
Fixed the bug that when the Firework Launcher was taken and saved, and then reloaded, another Firework Launcher appeared.
Fixed removing the location on the map of the firework launcher after setting it up.
Replace kitchen items.
Replace scene objects.
Change mission items.
Added Nana kimono after fireworks task.

Bug fix:

Fixed in-game loading, pressing T cannot turn on the phone

Bug fix:

Fixed a bug where Logan could not sell hides
Fixed 3 store manager disappearing problem
Fixed the problem of getting stuck after Mark Cooking Total Score are completed

First, we updated new content, including newly recorded Chinese and English voices, we also made new expression animations according to the new voices.
We adjusted the following effects in our game, including tenants’ behavior module, the speed of the text messages, the collision range, the performance of the animal AI, the focus mode of the lens…
Optimized the sky, weather module, and environment textures.
In the beginning, we designed various inter-related plots and modules (including R18 contents), if we roll out these contents separately, it would lose the full picture and the special feature of Together BnB! But we believe that after finishing the current structure, the development speed will pick up quickly in the future.

Due to a wave of the COVID19 pandemic a while ago, our recording, motion capture, and animation production process was delayed. Currently, as the spread of the pandemic is under control, we have started the second stage of recording and related work, also the integration and debugging process are underway. Please bear with us for a while, we expect to launch a major update in December, and a free DLC containing R18 content will also be launched at the same time. Thank you for your support!


Fixed a bug that the tenant left when the player gave a gift
Modify the collision properties of small objects with the car
Improved performance of some objects
Speed up the player’s running speed when outdoors
Bug Fixes:

After taking the props and not saving them, then return to the main menu to read the files again, the props will disappear
NPC did not read sitting information
OS subtitles should not be interactive
Error map transmission during bathing
Invite NPC in the shop, the shop interface has not been eliminated
New Feature:

The projector can be turned on by you now
Bug Fixes:

Store wine cannot be poured
Incorrect product price
NPC dialogue mode stuck
Windows mode and resolution cannot be recorded
Terrain stone collision
Wrong marking destination
Improved performance of some objects
New Feature:

Dialogue FOV automatic adjustment
Open the map in driving mode and add the teleport function
Reminder effects of special objects and available props
FOV can be adjusted in the main menu now
Remove motion blur
Small part of performance optimization
Fix the bug after getting the biodetector
Added a reminder after the biodetector is finished
You can open a small map after getting in the car
Eliminate unwanted sounds when sitting down
Increase player money, you can buy more gifts now
Adjust player detection distance
Fix the distance error on the marked point when driving
Fix incorrect markers on the map
Add reminder sound effect
Adjust the key position of Max room
Adjust the reminder time

Initial Release

Developer Notes:

Game Features :
Complete, fun, and unexpected plot.
Exquisite full 3D characters, vivid and exquisite facial expressions and body movements created from motion-capture systems.
Multiple dialogue options and text systems for developing relationships with girls.
Realistic natural environment, well-designed full 3D open world.
Dynamic day/night cycle.
Fight against the beasts in the forest to obtain money for purchasing items.
Taste wine with tenants and see how well can they hold.
Dress up tenants and take pictures whatever you like.