(Giantess Simulator Size Does Matter)
This is the first build uploaded, try it out and tell me what you think!
Just a heads up, everything here is still a work in progress, so non of the features you see are polished or complete, but your feedback on them will help me understand what I need to concentrate my time on.



Thread Updated: 2022-04-22
Release Date: 2022-03-01
Developer: Sir Shrinkums – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 1.5.2 Beta
OS: Windows
Language: English

3d game, big ass, big tits, female protagonist, simulator, graphic violence,

1. Extract and run.

– This is big news is that I streamlined a lot of data to help import the rest of the cast. The good thing about this is that it will be easy to get the rest of the giantesses in game. The bad news is that the morphs are finalized, so I can’t add any new morphs in the future. I added a lot, so hopefully I didn’t miss out on anything crucial.
These things include:
o Body morphs
o Foot morphs
o Face morphs
o Character assets
o Custom offsets for accessories, hair and teeth (since characters have different heights and head shape)
– Added basic UI. This will look much better in the future. (Will keep the icons though, since they are royalty free)
– Added new outfits, like the business attire for Kim, some accessories, and new shoes. Cycle through the shoes to see a new shoe type . I have another one, but Ill add it in the next build.

Bug fixes:
– Fixed scaling hair so it’s not that jittery. Unfortunately, there is a bit of jitter left, but it doesn’t look too bad.
– No more weird toes when the giantess walks (I did this by retargeting all my animations from scratch. This took forever, and I am glad its over and done with).
– Fixed Photo-mode so it comes back to the correct position after exiting.
– Fixed head rotation amount when giantess looks at picked up object.
– Added logic to shader to expand the vertex normal of some clothes to prevent overlap with skin. BIG WIN, so clothes can be worn by any body type, if they share the same morphs.

Things I have been working on the side:
– Very close to getting vertex animations for demolishing buildings in game, still need to figure out why the animations are importing buggy. Once corrected, you lot are going to go bananas on this city.
– Brainstorming story background for Kim

Main gameplay highlight:
– Growth mechanic. Press NUM + to grow (Note: I reduced the giantesses speed as she grows, to give more of a giantess feel)

Expected bugs:
– Glass floor is currently busted. Will fix next build.
– Hair will flicker as you grow, this is a current limitation of the hair system in Unreal.
– Frames will drop when walking through city at a large size. This is because of the number of collisions taking place. This will be worked out in future updates.
– Giantess is able to crush people and push vehicles at normal size. Didn’t fix this yet.
– You can fall of the map! If this happens, you need to close and restart. Also rethink your giantess handling skills.

Wanted to delay this build until I completely fixed the pickup selection mechanic, but since I managed to finally post the build on Itch.io, thought I would share it with you early.
– The biggest visual change is the sky.
Previously I was using a 4k texture dynamic sky. Turns out that was taking too much space, and eating up a lot of texture memory. I managed to reduce the build from 13GBs to 3GBs by removing the sky and using Unreals default SkySphere.
– Upgraded from Unreal 4.25 to 2.46 (can work on hair physics now )
– Edited giantess’ physics body to fix cloth on underwear and Skirt (Still needs work).
– Added blinking
– Fixed Eye material so they absorb lighting
– Added basic wrinkle map functionality
– Pickup System updates:
* Changed pickup detector from box to cylinder, this gives a better range of motion for the character to pickup
* Added ability to change the current selection using mouse wheel
* Added placeholder icon to visually show what is currently being targeted
* Added boundary around giantess to see pickup range
Size 3gb

v1.1.9 Test Build:
Size 6gb

Developer Notes:

Kim – The Power Arc

Full name: Hye Sung Kim

Age: 32


Favorite Footwear: High-fashion heels you can’t afford
Favorite tiny activity: Ordering slaves around
“Bow down to the highest voted character in Femmegeddon. Back story and additional artwork coming in Part 2!”
Notes for nerds: Figured out how to export my buildings from UE4 and destroy them in Houdini. My next experiment revolves around reimporting the destruction simulation as a material in Unreal to create high performance destructions at runtime.
Mass city destruction here we come!

Violet – The Chaos Arc

Name: Violet

Age: 24


Punk-Rock aesthetic
Wild white hair
devilish demeanor
Favorite Footwear: Rocker boots

“I was born nameless, cold and alone in a ruined hospital of the metropolis. The Dark shift made new life an abomination, a -thing- to be reviled. I and many others were thus left to fend for ourselves from the very moment we breathed air. If only my parents had found the courage to spare me this unforgiving existence.

The world had collapsed into madness, and disorder followed suit. I was left stateless, the streets became my home. From the moment I was born, I knew this would be my lot. Society had shown its true colors to me from the very start.

The street was cruel and unforgiving. My childhood was one of hunger and loneliness. I was preyed upon, robbed, and beaten for scraps. These early years placed a strong shell around my heart, my day to day having made it necessary.

By the time I was an adult, I had separated myself from my inferiors: the weak would be trampled, the rich would be robbed and the fool tricked. Bit by bit, I took pleasure in my actions, whether it was stepping on weaklings’ necks or listening as others begged for their lives, showering me with wealth. The thrill of torment and humiliation provided me with constant euphoric bliss.

This was not sadism. This was not violence. This was chaos.

I am a product of this new world, and I would be its end..”