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Hot Glue is a pornographic indie game in development. It’s aiming to have several mini games with a a bit of online features for the players to share and interact!​

Thread Updated: 2022-01-12
Release Date: 2022-01-12
Developer: Hot Glue Patreon – Game Jolt
Censored: No
Version: January 2022
OS: Windows
Language: English

3D game, Animated, Vaginal sex, Combat, Character creation, Female protagonist, Parody, Adventure, Masturbation, Teasing, Oral sex

1. Extract and run.

Nov 2020 Updates
Known Issues:

News shown at the start of the game appears the same. Re-watch the news with the remote for the real tip of the day.
Some players appear to use T-poses. DO NOT INTERACT WITH THEM. A fix will be made soon.
What’s New:
Inside of the Candy Kingdom: Comeback of an old demo with a few changes.
andy Kingdom: A new level with a challenge!

Detect batteries to extend time on the Island
Use Dildos to detect Batteries that are buried on the ground. Deposit it to Arrow Wizard to extend 3 more minutes.
Tons of L’apre and Ramina Dialogues
They will now give random tips or trivias every start of the game. They also feature fanarts from different artists sometimes.

Reworked Buy Screen

Now more random items. All items that can be bought are now available. (Variations of some items are still shown by random.)

Replaceable Expressions

Facial expressions of Solo and Interact Poses are now fully editable.
10+ new parts, including bikinis in all 4 sizes.
3 additional regular poses, and 3 additional penis poses

Several sketches that portray what was meant to be the adventure game’s story.

July 2020 Updates:


New part type: “Accessories”
Glasses and chokers added.
New special bottom part: “Penis”
Additional interact poses included.
T-shirt with several sizes.
2 Portrait poses.
A new magic butt plug in the Adventure game.

Items for sale now change constantly.
Passcode removed. The laptop is now available to the public.
Prototype hub updated.

Browser version discontinued due to technical limitations.
All previous browser versions were also removed to avoid online conflicts.
June 2020
– Added forest with new quests
– Top down view (press Q)
– NOTE: Developer has requested no further patron signups, as they announced an end to game development after minor release(s) which add “a few more stuff like clothes and poses.” Their Patreon is currently on Pause and there is no clear schedule for those minor release(s) at this time.

May 2020 Patch 1

v2002.0 (February 2020)

February 2020 Updates:
Favorites – For up to 10 girls, players can now set a girl from the crowd as their favorite so she will keep showing up even after randomizing.
Some girls in the crowd now walks. (If at rare times you might get stuck or certain places become inaccessible, simply randomize the crowd in the pause menu)
3 new Solo poses.
3 new Interact poses.
3 new Portrait poses.

Crowd and Photo updates (By Date) removed. (Randomized is set as default)
Breast movements changed to support higher FPS.
Several minimal changes.
v2001.2 (January 2020 Patch 2)

January 2020 Patch 2 fixes the following:
Several visual fixes.
Within Customize page:
Typing names now trims end spaces.
Esc key now functions in menus.
Within the Adventure game:
Edited collisions and behaviors to avoid going out-of-map.
Fixed an error where enemies sometimes don’t attack.
Developer Notes:

Game Features:
Character Editor – Customize your character. Color, clothes, hair, pose, “interaction”, portrait look, and more!
Hub Room – A place for players to share their characters and “interact” with! (Requires a GameJolt account to share yours online)
Adventure Game – The replacement for Mike Inel’s “What if Adventure Time was an Anime Game?”, but as a full-blown pornographic adventure game! Featuring knock-off, copyright-free characters from Adventure Time, such as the Hero, Candy Queen, Vamp Chick, Ice Princess, and more!
One-Hand Controls – Pretty much everything in the game is controlled with only one hand. Great for playing while.. eating chips!
Development Plans:

More parts to customize your character. (Hair, clothes, face, etc.)
More poses and animations to show and interact with.
More hub places to explore and hang around.
A wild story with tons of places and boss battles to play with for the Adventure game.