I am making a 3D game where you can get along with or be crushed by a giantess.​

Thread Updated: 2022-10-02
Release Date: 2022-10-01
Developer: Snow Drop Fantia – Twitter
Censored: No
Version: 0.21
OS: Windows
Language: English (Dev MTL)

3d game, male protagonist, female domination, big ass, big tits

1. Extract and run.

Added English translation support for the September update.
Also, the texture of Alice’s skin has been updated to be similar to that of Gulliver’s.
In addition, the light source of some of the event scenes in which Alice appears has been adjusted accordingly.
A new event “Encounter with Gulliver” has been added.
Gulliver-chan, a character from “GrimmGlitter,” the original story of this game, finally appears.
In this sitcom, the situation will be a titty sitcom on a desk. Although not shown in the digest, she also takes off her bra properly.

How to move on to the new event “Encounter with Gulliver”
A new door will appear behind the lighthouse in Lilliput. Enter the door and the event will begin.

How to move on to the “Inside Alice’s Socks” event
If you are away from Alice during the daytime and observe her behavior, she may walk out of town and sit down. her at that time, she may take off her shoes. If you stay near the sole of Alice’s foot for more than 10 seconds at that time, you will get an option to enter the event.
Please note the in-game time, as Alice will sleep at night.
If Alice does not sit down easily, you can make her a little tired by playing with her, etc., to make it easier for her to sit down.

The in-game time can now be changed as desired in the free action part.
(Event scenes are not affected by time as before.)

New event “Inside Alice’s Vagina” has been added.

Developer Notes:

I am making a 3D game where you can get along with or be crushed by a giantess.
We will report on the progress of development at least once a month.
You can download the version under development with a paid plan. Since some specifications are required, please be sure to check the operation with the trial version before considering joining the plan.

We plan to update additional events once every two months.
When the update is complete, we are considering selling it as a product. There is no prospect of the end of the update, but it will be at least a few years later.

The environment to be developed is the Windows desktop environment.
On the hardware side, we are assuming a gaming PC with some specifications.

Manufacturer’s confirmation environment
CPU AMD Ryzen7 1800x
GPU GTX 1080
memory 16GB

Therefore, if the specifications are higher than this, I will make it work.

Producer Twitter
Reverie https://twitter.com/tenko_hinanawi

We are working on a 3D game where you can befriend or be crushed by a giant girl.
At least once a month, we will report on our development progress.

The version under development can be downloaded with a paid plan. This requires a certain level of specs, so please make sure to check the trial version before you subscribe to the plan.

We plan to update the game once every two months to add more events.
When the update is finished, we will consider selling it as a product. We do not have a timeline for the end of the update, but it will be at least a few years from now.

hardware is expected to be a gaming PC with a certain level of specifications.

Confirmed environment of the producer
CPU AMD Ryzen7 1800x
GPU GTX 1080
Memory 16GB

So, if the specs are higher than this, we can make it work.

We are considering machine translation for the English version.